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Donald Trump: What He Might Have Learned if He Taught Overseas

  Although no one can argue with a desire for America to be a great country, in today’s reality, being a great country means working to make the WORLD great, not just America. Donald Trump does not seem to understand this fundamental reality. However, if Donald Trump...

4 Things To Do On Your Summer Break Abroad

Like any other teacher in the world, instructors abroad are not immune to the summer break countdown. The cramming of finals, make ups, and sporadic graduation events leave an individual aching for the oasis of “me time.” Therefore, as the calendar fills with slashes...

In-Class TESOL vs Online TESOL Courses

After making the invigorating decision to teach abroad, you usually need to pursue a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course. Two options for the class are available: in-class and online. The abundance of opinions on which course is better can...


Live the sustainable adventure: Teach, volunteer, better a community or gain international experience and certification.

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Live the sustainable adventure through teaching abroad in Asia!

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Better a community and yourself by volunteering to teach English abroad!

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Make a difference and earn a comfortable wage teaching in local communities abroad.

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Get expert training through our internationally accredited in-class and online TESOL/TEFL training and certification courses.



Teach English abroad in Vietnam

Teach in Vietnam

Teaching in Vietnam is truly a one of a kind international experience. Vietnam is fast becoming one of the top destinations for travelers and is hosting a growing number of English teachers. 

Teach English abroad in Thailand

Teach in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for those interested in experiencing an ancient and diverse culture, and beautiful natural scenery. While teaching in Thailand is truly a life-changing experience, there are sometimes adjustment challenges, which is why we provide a comprehensive orientation to ensure a successful cultural transition.

Teach in South Korea

Teach in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea can be the beginning of a rewarding career path, not to mention a chance to gain a unique cultural experience.  Choosing to teach English abroad in South Korea offers some of the best benefits for English teachers in the world.


Teach English Abroad XploreAsia Experiences
XploreAsia Teach English Abroad Experiences
XploreAsia Teach Abroad Experiences


XploreAsia provides participants with the opportunity to change lives by preparing them with the necessary cultural and educational skills needed to be an effective educator, and member of the local community. The majority of our staff have completed a TESOL course to teach English abroad and taught in Asia for many years. Our teachers have experienced the transformative effects of living and working in Asia. We know the challenges and rewards of this life-altering experience, and we are dedicated to helping others achieve the dream of living, working, and helping abroad.


XploreAsia has the resources and experience to help guide participants on a transformative adventure that broadens horizons, and leaves a positive impact on the lives of both participants, and the local communities they come into contact with. We want to be the leading organization that provides cross-cultural interaction and education that improves lives around the world by fostering greater empathy, wisdom, and economic opportunity.


XploreAsia sees a world where culture is not an insurmountable barrier, but instead a doorway to amazing insights and experiences.

XploreAsia Teach English Abroad Experiences
XploreAsia Teach Abroad Experiences
XploreAsia Teach English Abroad Experiences


  To date, we’ve placed over 4000 participants, in a variety of positions across Southeast, and East Asia.  With so many teachers placed in Thailand we want to highlight some of the areas that our participants currently teach in!  Use our interactive map to find placement locations, and click on the pins to find even more information on that specific placement area from real teachers placed in the area.

Sakhon Nakhon, Isan Province

Buriram, Isan Province

Phayao City, Phayao Province

Amphawa, Samut Songkhram

Thung Yao

Pre Lunar Spring Festival


In 2013 we co-founded Rescue Paws, an animal relief organization targeting the stray animal problem in the Hua Hin region of Thailand.


Feedback and memorable moments as shared by our participants.


I was at a crossroad in my life, professionally & personally, and needed to change the routine that I was living in. So, I decided to make this drastic change & make my dreams come true.


I was bored of doing and seeing the same things at home in Canada. I had done a few trips to Europe but really wanted to go somewhere completely different and be able to make a positive impact on others, as well as to myself.


There were many factors that brought me to Thailand. Of course we all have a little drive to change the world, but I also wanted to change my life. I wanted to become more involved in the global community. As a teacher back home, I was looking for a way to continue being involved in education…here I am!


We’ll help you find the perfect place to teach English abroad!


We are fully accredited by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA) and are an institutional member of the UK’s professional educational institute for teachers.



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