Buriram is located in the southern portion of Northeastern Thailand, and is known for their local football team, which has always been a fierce opponent in the Thai Premier league, and the numerous Khmer ruin sites which pepper the area. Among the ruin sites is Phnom Rung, a UNESCO world heritage site that features sandstone ruins from the 12th century.

I think Thailandtourism.org wrote it best when they stated that “(Buriram town and province) are excellent places to experience authentic, rural Thai life, and are ideal for immersing yourself in no-frills Thai country culture.”

Check out what XploreAsia teacher Jessica Crespo said about her experience living and teaching in Buriram!

What is special and interesting about your town?

“Buriram United Soccer Team!!! This town is very proud to be the home of this team! The weekend market, Robinsons deparment store, Starbucks, McDonalds, and lots of Pizza places. There is also the Formula 1 Race track (races every other weekend) Buriram is a very strong and friendly community.”

Where are your favorite places to go out to eat and drink?

“Oli Wine Bar– Roma Pizza– Jimmys Night market– Weekend market– Inner Coffee”

Where can you go or what can you do to exercise?

“There is a new gym at the Ray Hotel, and they offer monthly memberships.”

What is your accommodation like?

“BIG HOUSE!! 15,000 thb a month split between 3 people. It’s a really nice 3 bedroom, 3 bath, and a kitchen WITH A MICROWAVE AND KETTLE!!! There’s a dining room, balcony, 2 porches, and a washer. We hit the mother-load with this house. Sooo nice!”

What can you do for fun in the evenings?

“Go to Oli Wine Bar for a glass of vino, Speed (nightclub) Lively Market (bunch of bar/restaurants) the Grass bar/restaurant soccer game ‘The Horseshoe’ (bar district).”

What is the best nearby excursion or trip? 

“Phnom Rung Historical Park!”

What are some tips you could give to new teachers in your town?

“Be open-minded. This town rocks! There is always something to do, and a good group of foreign teachers. It is important to know that you are not alone in this town.”


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