XploreAsia’s Cultural Orientation courses are designed to prepare future English teachers for all aspects of life in Thailand, South Korea and China.

Each course delves into the heart of each countries culture and values through online classes before you arrive in the country, and once in the country, through active-learning cultural excursions to various sites of cultural and historical significance.


XploreAsia goes to great lengths to provide the most comprehensive culture orientation possible by bringing aspects of all major areas of existence here in Thailand right to the classroom for our clients. We provide traditional classroom learning on life and business in Thailand alongside an array of hands-on experiences that require you to completely immerse yourself within the culture.

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Orientation Program


All of our Teach in Vietnam in-class TESOL students will take part in our cultural orientation week. During this week, we provide our participants with essential cultural knowledge through excursions and classes to make the transition into living and working in Vietnam as smooth as possible. The week will include trips to local historic sites, the opportunity to try plenty of local delicacies, and lessons in Vietnamese language. The week will also give you a chance to bond with your fellow TESOL classmates and form a network of new friends from all over the world.

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Orientation Program


XploreAsia provides a one-week, intensive online China Cultural Foundation Course to prepare teachers for their teaching experience in China. This online course helps teachers learn and understand the Chinese way of life.

XploreAsia Chinese Cultural Orientation Program


The South Korea Cultural Foundation Online course is designed to prepare future English teachers for all aspects of life in South Korea. Those of you who would like a more hands on experience, we also offer an in-country orientation. South Korea is rich in history and culture, and the local people take great pride in this, so it’s important that teachers are educated on the dynamics of the culture and language in order to make their transition into the country smoother.

XploreAsia South Korea Cultural Orientation Program


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