An important part of the teach in Costa Rica program is an amazing, interactive, orientation on Costa Rican culture and language, as well as an opportunity to bond with other teachers-in-training and staff members. The program is taught by area experts, that will be your guides throughout!

We know that there is as much to learn outside of the classroom as inside of it, which is why we also provide multiple active-learning excursions into the local community, where students experience a first-hand account of some of the social and cultural issues currently going on in the country.


Culture encompasses the identity, beliefs, values, and behaviors of a group. Culture also forms our expectations and helps guide us when we try to communicate with different groups of people. Language, food, dress, and music are just the superficial aspects of culture that are easy to recognize, but the biggest parts of culture are the invisible rules and norms that hide below the surface and guide peoples’ beliefs and behaviors.

XploreAsia’s cultural courses explore both the surface and the underlying components of culture to give participants an in-depth understanding that not only explains the “what,” but also the “why,” of different aspects of the local culture.

Culture & Politics

During the orientation, we provide an in-depth explanation of Costa Rican society, including history and culture. We offer valuable insight into Costa Rican culture, overseen by our local area experts.


Spanish Language Classes

Participants will take part in a series of Spanish language lessons taught by our experienced instructors. Classes will cover introductory greetings, ordering food, learning the numbers, asking directions, shopping and bargaining, etc. Our language classes will provide a firm foundation of helpful phrases for interacting within the local community, and in schools and classrooms throughout Costa Rica.

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Course
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Course
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Course

Teacher Workshop

Our teacher workshop is designed to address culture shock by examining the underlying reasons why participants choose to live and work in Costa Rica. It’s a chance to reflect on the challenges and experiences that have shaped us as individuals, what our core strengths and weaknesses are, and how those personal characteristics can help us overcome the daunting task of adjusting to day-to-day life in another country.

Teacher workshop is a chance to talk with other participants, and figure out what barriers to happiness might potentially bar you from dealing with culture shock successfully. By identifying and analyzing our potential barriers to happiness, we can craft solutions and techniques that will allow us to jump over these hurdles and get the most of out of our teaching adventures abroad.


Here are just some of the excursions that make up our cultural orientation:


Volunteering at wildlife conservation center and conservation park


Visit to a local farmer’s market, develop your bartering skills while getting the freshest produce around


Authentic local cooking class.  Hone your skills!


Visit a beautiful local waterfall and/or hot springs


Understand the past by visiting a local history museum


Welcome dinner, dining in style!

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Experience
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Experience


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