Kamphaeng Phet

A little over four hours’ drive north of Bangkok sits the quiet, historical town of Kamphaeng Phet. Kamphaeng Phet sits along the banks of the Ping River, and is best known for the UNESCO World Heritage site, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. The historical park features ruins from the 13th and 14th when Sukhothai had served as the capital Kingdom city.

Kamphaeng Phet is also home to Khlong Lan National Park, a beautiful landscape of mountains, rugged hills, famous waterfalls, and forests.

Check out what XploreAsia teacher ashburnju@gmail.com has to say about her experience living and teaching in Kamphaeng Phet.

 What is special and interesting about your town?

“There is the Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park. A little ways out of town, there is also a waterfall, hot springs, and a national forest.”

Where are your favorite places to go out to eat and drink?

“Most of the places are basically holes in the wall, and I have no idea what their names are, but they are very good!”

Where can you go or what can you do to exercise?

“There are a few gym options in tow– one is very nice with brand new equipment, and a nice swimming pool. There are also exercise parks around town.”

What type of transportation do you use to get around?

“I mostly walk, but other teachers have bicycles and motorbikes.”

What is your accommodation like?

“It is very nice. It is a newer building in town, so it is more modern than I expected. It is a large room with a big closet, vanity, and desk. It also has a nice little kitchen area with a decent sized fridge. My favorite is the bathroom, which is set-up like one you would find back home.”

 What can you do for fun in the evenings?

“There are sports leagues, and places to play various athletic activities. Otherwise, you can wander the market, take a walk in the parks and by the river, or stop and watch people play basketball.”

What do you do on the weekends?

“I try to find something new to do every weekend, whether that is to go find the hot springs, somewhere new to eat, or a new stretch of town I haven’t seen, yet.”

What is the best nearby excursion or trip? 

“Sukhothai is a pretty close to here, as well as some other mid-sized towns, like Phitsanulok.”

What are some tips you could give to new teachers in your town?

“Just explore! This region is also especially hot, so don’t let the heat deter you. Just get out!”

Do you have a “Thai mom” or anyone in your town that has been incredibly helpful or welcoming?

“The head of my EP department calls herself my mom. She is very kind, and while her English is not great, this has not stopped our conversations. I have found the most comfort and support from my fellow staff members though, which admittedly are foreigners. They are mostly from SE Asia and can really help you understand Thai culture better than trying to gently ask the Thai teachers.”


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