XploreAsia’s flagship program is our 120 hour In-class TESOL training and certification Thailand course. This in-country training is conducted by our expert trainers who bring years of industry experience to the table.

We offer our TESOL training and certification Thailand course in two separate locations; one being the resort location of Hua Hin, and the other being in the northern mountains of Chiang Mai.


Our TESOL curriculum pulls from decades of international classroom research and experience, and is designed to teach you the most effective strategies and technniques to allow you to thrive in any ESL classroom.

XploreAsia’s in-class TESOL course focuses not only on teaching the four basic language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), but we also focus on the most effective classroom management techniques, how to cater to learners of all ages, and how to plan, develop, and implement a full-semester curriculum.

Our experienced instructors apply all of the universal teaching methods to the local educational environments of both Thailand and Myanmar to ensure that your success spans not only the classroom, but also the local culture.

We know that being a successful English teacher abroad isn’t just being prepared in the classroom though; it’s also having the ability to adapt to the local social and professional culture. That’s why our four-week TESOL training and certification program combines the industry’s most comprehensive Thai culture course, with experienced classroom instruction, and 2-3 days of instructor-observed teaching practice at a school for underprivileged children in the local community.


One of the more overlooked, yet extremely important benefits of attending the in-country TESOL training and certification course in Thailand, are the lasting friendships, and important fellow-teacher networks that develop out of the experience. You will make amazing bonds with other like-minded individuals who are experiencing the same pleasures and challenges you are, and these bonds can last a lifetime.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, or TESOL, is a certification in teaching English.

TESOL training helps volunteers make a meaningful impact in the classroom, and avoid the frustration and pitfalls of being unprepared. We want you to have a great adventure and our TESOL training helps.

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XploreAsia Cultural Excursion


  • An internationally accredited and recognized 120- hour TESOL certificate
  • Practical teaching experience in a 2-3 day local non-profit English camp
  • Instructor & peer feedback workshops
  • Access to our online teacher resources section
  • Comprehensive TESOL course book
  • Cultural and education excursions
XploreAsia In-class TESOL

TESOL Course Break-Down

The 120-hour in-class TESOL course consists of the following modules:

  • Module 1: Introduction to TESOL
  • Module 2: Theory and lesson planning
  • Module 3: Teaching speaking
  • Module 4: Teaching grammar
  • Module 5: Teaching reading
  • Module 6: Teaching young learners
  • Module 7: Teaching listening
  • Module 8: Assessment
  • Module 9: Classroom management
  • Module 10: Curriculum development

Intake Dates / TESOL Start Dates

2017 Intake Dates


30 January 2017
27 February 2017
3 April 2017
1 May 2017
29 May 2017
26 June 2017
31 July 2017
28 August 2017
25 September 2017
30 October 2017
27 November 2017
27 December 2017
2018 - Hua Hin Intake Dates
27 December 2017
22 January 2018
19 February 2018
2 April 2018
30 April 2018
28 May 2018
25 June 2018
23 July 2018
20 August 2018
1 October 2018
29 October 2018
26 November 2018
28 December 2018
2018 - Chiang Mai Intake Dates
2 April 2018
30 April 2018
24 September 2018
22 October 2018
2019 - Hua Hin Intake Dates


28 December 2018
28 January 2019
25 February 2019
1 April 2019
29 April 2019
27 May 2019
24 June 2019
22 July 2019
19 August 2019
30 September 2019
28 October 2019
25 November 2019
30 December 2019


2019 - Chiang Mai Intake Dates


1 April 2019
29 April 2019
7 October 2019
4 November 2019



  • To develop an in-depth understanding of the concepts and principles of teaching English as a second language. This includes understanding the different theories of, and approaches to teaching English, particularly the XploreAsia method and its roots
  • Understand how the process of second language development occurs
  • Understand how to adapt your strategies, techniques, and overall role as a teacher to the different types of students you may have
  • Develop the ability to plan structured lessons
  • Gain confidence and familiarity with teaching TESOL through significant in-class, and hands-on practical training
  • Learn the process of creating and developing a seamless curriculum that fits the needs and interests of your learners
XploreAsia Cultural Excursion
XploreAsia TESOL Training
XploreAsia In-class TESOL Course
XploreAsia In-class TESOL Course
XploreAsia In-class TESOL Course

Weekly Breakdown

Week One

The first week of the XploreAsia in-class TESOL course is an in-depth introduction to Thailand, and the Thai language.

The following topics are covered:

Thai Society

  • Overview of Thai history
  • Social Institutions
  • Gender relations
  • Major ethnic groups and relations
  • Regions of the country and distinctive local cultures

Thai Geography

  • Neighboring countries and relations
  • Regions of the country

Thai Politics

  • Political situation
  • Major social movements and developments
  • Political institutions (Thai Monarchy, military, political parties)

Thai Culture

  • Cultural views on social life
  • Cultural views on work life
  • Do’s and Don’ts when living in Thailand
  • Adapting to your new work life (building relationships with colleagues and bosses in the Thai context)

Thai Language

  • Basic introductions
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Vocabulary for shopping, bargaining, and communicating with students and colleagues.
Week Two

The second week of the course is when students will delve deeper into the theories and practices used in teaching English as a second language. Students will learn the practices for teaching a speaking lesson, how to implement grammar instruction into every lesson, and the structures and key elements of a lesson plan.

Speaking Lesson?

Conversational English skills are highly valued by schools, students, and parents in Asia, and the ability to effectively communicate in English opens up many professional opportunities for locals. It is because of these reasons that many schools want their foreign Native English speaking teachers to specialize in teaching speaking and listening skills. Learning how to effectively teach a speaking lesson will be one of the first things we explore in the second week of the course.

Lesson plan?

Every lesson requires a detailed lesson plan that lays out the procedures of the class, and also forces the teachers to consider the challenges, technology, resources, and other factors that can have an impact on success in the classroom.


During week two, students will also learn how to teach grammar. We will start off with a quick, but in-depth grammar refresher, since many native English speakers may not have reviewed grammar in longer time than we would like to admit!

Week Three

The third week of the course focuses on how to teach reading, listening, and young learners.

Reading is an extremely beneficial activity for ESL learners for many reasons including, being a good model for language production, increasing vocabulary, highlighting definitions within a context, etc.

While teaching reading may seem pretty straightforward, believe it or not, there is actually a strategy for how to teach reading effectively. It involves building key reading skills and practicing with students to hone and improve those skills.

Many of the skills and strategies that come with teaching reading are similar to that of teaching listening, another topic we will cover extensively during week 3.

Week three is when we will also take a look at the most effective strategies, techniques, and activities for teaching young learners. Our course is designed to prepare you to teach learners of any age or ability.

Week Four

The final week of the course is dedicated to studying classroom management, and preparing for, and conducting the non-profit English camp. Although classroom management is one of the last topics covered, it is essential to classroom success, especially in cross-cultural contexts. During week 4, we will examine what makes effective classroom management, the primary reasons students misbehave, and also strategies and tactics for dealing with undesirable behavior.

During Week 4, we will also examine the most effective techniques for assessing students. We will look at the different types of tests you should conduct with your classes, discuss the best times to give tests, and talk about how you can use test results to better future teaching.

Week 4 is also when we look at how to create and develop a curriculum. Our course is designed to not only provide instruction on how to create successful single lessons, but also how to string those lessons, topics, and activities together into a seamless and comprehensive curriculum that can be used throughout the length of a quarter or semester.


Upon successful completion of the course with a passing grade of 84% or better, students will receive a certificate demonstrating that they successfully completed the 120-hour in-class TESOL with XploreAsia.

XploreAsia TESOL Certificates


Instructors & coordinators were great resources for advice on this huge culture change. Seeing/hearing all of their stories gave me the confidence that I can do this & change my life. The TESOL course allowed me to make great friendships, while adapting to life here.


So far this experience has been amazing. I feel like I have made life-long friends with people I really admire. Thailand already feels like a very special place to me. I think I’ll fit in well here!


For more information on this program, fill out the form and we’ll get back to you!

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