Teach in Paradise. No Degree Required!

Teach in Costa Rica – Your Next Adventure?

Our Teach in Costa Rica program, with an amazing cultural orientation, and a 120hr internationally accredited TESOL / TEFL certification course, is ideal for anyone wanting to have an amazing cultural experience, and earn a sustainable income! Practice your Spanish, while contributing to young people improving their knowledge and life opportunities. No degree required!

Costa Rica is a country with amazing natural beauty and cultural richness. There is a significant demand for native English speakers to teach in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican government places a high priority on education and has poured its energy and resources into this sector of society in a significant way. As a result of this, and ongoing reforms, its literacy rate is 95%. 

Our unique Teach in Costa Rica program is located in San Ramon and Palmares. These neighboring towns are located in the Central Valley region of Costa Rica, and are surrounded by lush hills with coffee and tea plantations. It’s an incredibly beautiful area, just begging to be explored.

Why Teach in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica truly feels like paradise with its incredible beaches, amazing hospitality, and a rich culture just begging to be experienced, what’s not to like about teaching in paradise? Come, teach in Costa Rica!

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Do I Need A TESOL / TEFL certification?

Are you interested in teaching abroad, but have no teaching experience? Gain real world teaching experience with an in-class TESOL / TEFL course, and you will be better prepared to teach students of all ages.

Learn more about our TESOL programs

XploreAsia Teach in Thailand
XploreAsia Teach in Thailand


  • Earn USD 700 to 1,000 per month for just 20-30 hours per week! Most placements are in private language schools, teaching young adults
  • Most placements are in San Jose, but there are placement opportunities throughout Costa Rica.  Lifetime placement support will carry you through this experience and beyond
  • 6 or 12 month contract options. You’ll most likely want to stay even longer!

Lifetime Placement Guarantee

Airport Pick-up


Visa Support

40hr Cultural Orientation Experience

120hr Internationally Accredited TESOL / TEFL Certification

Accommodation Provided During TESOL Course

Extensive Pre and Post-Placement Support


Background Check on School


Spanish Language Classes

XploreAsia Teach in Thailand
XploreAsia Teach in Thailand


  • Internationally accredited TESOL / TEFL certification
  • 120-hour combination of on-site and off-site training
  • Course tailored to the Costa Rica experience
  • Two days of hands-on teaching experience at a local school
  • A significant focus in teaching young adults
  • In-depth classroom management module
  • Detailed course handbook/reference guide
  • Comprehensive orientation on culture, society, and politics
  • Multiple cultural excursions


Be immersed in the rich culture of Costa Rica during our unique cultural orientation experience.  An essential part of the program, this is an amazing, interactive, orientation on Costa Rican culture and language, as well as an opportunity to bond with other teachers-in-training and staff members. The program is taught by area experts and includes several exciting and informative cultural excursions. 

  • Waterfall Trip. Learn about Costa Rica’s unparalleled conservation efforts to protect one of the most pristine and protected largest rainforests anywhere.
  • Market Tour and Cooking Class. Costa Rican traditional food is simple but delicious, consisting of rice, beans, salad and fish/chicken or steak. Empanadas are also a local favorite and focus of our cooking class. You will travel to the local market for a tour of different items to buy and then we will go to a local home and learn how to cook delicious Costa Rican fare.
  • Visit to a Non-Profit Rescue Center. Costa Rica is famous for its diverse wildlife and conservation is priority. You will have the opportunity to see up close and learn about some of the incredible species that call Costa Rica home. The organisation you will visit is a non-profit rescue center that focuses on conservation, animal welfare and environmental education.
  • Coffee Plantation Guided Tour. Coffee and sugarcane is a big part of Costa Rica’s colonial past. Understanding one of its main crops is to be transported to the past to understand more deeply about Costa Rican culture and history. 
  • Welcome Dinner. At the end of the first week Friday evening we will host a welcome dinner at a local restaurant. Dine in style with the team and your new friends in this incredible country 



No degree? No problem!


Native English speaker


Must attend our in-country TESOL course in Costa Rica


Applicants must be in good physical and mental health.


Applicants must be between 21 and 55 years old.


2021 - Costa Rica Intake Dates
28 June 2021
30 August 2021
29 November 2021
2022 - Costa Rica Intake Dates
24 Jan 2022
14 Mar 2022
25 April 2022
6 June 2022
18 July 2022
5 September 2022
28 November 2022


I have really enjoyed the entire training process. I have had a lot of fun getting to know the area – it was a very nice way to start my journey here. I loved all the activities that were setup for us.


Instructors and coordinators were great resources for advice on this huge culture change. Seeing/hearing all of their stories gave me the confidence that I can do this and change my life. The TESOL / TEFL course allowed me to make great friendships, while adapting to life here.


Overall, I am extremely impressed with the training. The teachers have considerable experience working with all age groups.

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