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Explore one of the richest cultures and most beautiful scenery anywhere in the world. Japan has an ancient culture full of beautiful traditions and art, amazing food, and advanced technologies, offering teachers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a one-of-a-kind country.

Teachers are placed throughout Japan and work mainly at language centers and private schools, with some public school placements. You will be able to take advantage of many public holidays and some vacation leave to travel the country and region, using every free moment at your disposal to have innumerable adventures. 

Our Teach in Japan program requires a TESOL to join.  You can combine this program with our incredible 120hr internationally accredited online TESOL certification! Once in-country, the program includes an invaluable cultural immersion experience, packed with exciting excursions and informative lectures.

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Do I Need A TESOL / TEFL certification?

Are you interested in teaching in Japan, but have no teaching experience? Gain real-world teaching experience with our online TEFL / TESOL course, and you will be better prepared to teach students of all ages!

Learn more about our online TEFL / TESOL course here


  • Earn USD 1,900 to 2,300 per month. Flexible placement start dates throughout the year.
  • Live the real-Japan experience! Placements are available in schools or language centers that have branches across the country. 
  • 12-month renewable contracts. Paid vacation. Working visa support!
  • Incredible orientation weekends in-country.  Meet your fellow teachers while immersing yourself in the rich culture of Japan!

Lifetime Placement Guarantee


Background Check on School


Visa Support

Extensive Pre and Post-Placement Support

120hr Internationally Accredited Online TESOL / TEFL Certification

XploreAsia Teach in Thailand


  • Internationally accredited online TESOL / TEFL certification
  • Detailed course handbook/reference guide
  • Interactive forums with feedback from your peers.
  • A strong grounding in the history and theory of teaching English as a foreign/second language. This is taught in a way that emphasizes the application of theory to enhance success in the classroom
  • Advice and guidance for effective classroom management for all ages
  • Significant practical training in teaching listening, reading, speaking, and writing in the classroom, including extensive lesson planning, presentation, and feedback from peers and instructors
  • Tons of tips, tricks, and examples of how to teach English to every age group


Our orientation weekends are held in Nagoya and are designed to help you to meet other teachers who are new to Japan. They will also help orient you to your new surroundings. In conjunction with classroom learning, you will also take part in excursions to significant cultural sites around Nagoya.

  • Nagoya Castle. Center of Nagoya. A famous ancient castle and home of one of the largest in Japan from the ancient period and at the time was one of the most important castles in Japan. We will take you on a fascinating guided tour of the castle and town.

  • Japanese Cooking Class. Learn how to make traditional skewered Yakitori Chicken and/or sushi. You will partake in amazing Japanese fare with our unique cooking class.

  • Walking Tour of Nagoya. We take you on a guided tour of downtown Nagoya, including parks, viewpoints, and even an anime shopping center!

  • The Tokugawa Art Museum. Learn about the ancient Samurai history and also the art of tea consumption during the empires of yesteryear on our trip to the Tokugawa Art Museum, which is also is based around a beautiful park that can be explored!

  • Online Culture Course. We provide a 40-hour certificate online course including modules in Japanese culture, language, and history, in addition to living and working in Japan, before arriving in-country. The online course also includes lectures, quizzes, and interaction with teachers all of whom are planning to travel to Japan to teach English, allowing for the development of important peer networks before arrival. 



Applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree and a 120 hour TESOL course


Applicants must be native English speakers and hold a valid passport from a native English-speaking country.


TEFL / TESOL Certification Required


Applicants must have a clean criminal background check with no criminal record, previous arrests or charges listed.


Driver’s license required for public schools, but not for language centers


Placements start any time of year for private language centers. Public schools have two major start times of the year: March and September.

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