XploreAsia provides the most comprehensive cultural orientation course to prepare you to teach in Vietnam.  

All of our Teach in Vietnam in-class TESOL students will take part in our cultural orientation week. During this week, we provide our participants with essential cultural knowledge through excursions and classes to make the transition into living and working in Vietnam as smooth as possible. The week will include trips to local historic sites, the opportunity to try plenty of local delicacies, and lessons in Vietnamese language. The week will also give you a chance to bond with your fellow TESOL classmates and form a network of new friends from all over the world.

 When you come to teach abroad, not all the learning happens inside the classroom; living abroad will mean immersing yourself into a different culture and adapting to a new way of life. Here at XploreAsia, we are passionate about providing meaningful travel experiences and have designed our orientation week program to make sure you feel confident in your new home before you’ve even entered a classroom.


Each country’s cultural identity is unique. Culture influences how we interact with each other, our expectations and how we view the world. At XploreAsia, we aim to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of not only the surface elements of Vietnamese culture such as food, entertainment and dress, but also the underlying influences that guide peoples’ behaviors.

 We know that moving abroad can feel daunting, but we also believe that experiencing new cultures increases understanding between people and expands our individual world view. Through providing our future teachers with a thorough introduction to Vietnamese culture, we give them the tools to be able to independently explore and interact meaningfully with people in the local community.

VIETNAMESE Culture & Politics

Our Vietnamese cultural talks provide a foundation in both the rich and tumultuous history of Vietnam and its blend of ancient cultures, and how the country’s diverse past continues to influence contemporary Vietnamese life. These talks will cover topics including history, politics, religion and entertainment.

 During these talks, you will gain a vital insight into the underlying influences that guide peoples’ behaviors and a deeper understanding of what life is like in Vietnam.



We will also provide invaluable lessons in the Vietnamese language. During these classes you’ll learn how to introduce yourself and greet locals as well as learning numbers, how to bargain, and how to order food. Our lessons are delivered by native speakers and will get you speaking confidently and clearly in no time. Our professional instructors focus on useful words and phrases that can be used within the local community and in schools across Vietnam. There will also be a chance to practice your new skills during a trip to the local food market towards the end of the week.

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Course
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Course


Our unique Teach in Vietnam Cultural Orientation Course is made up of multiple immersive excursions.  These excursions have been chosen to offer a deep insight into the multiple facets of Vietnamese culture, and allow participants to interact with the locals.

Here are just some of the excursions that make up our cultural orientation:


Visiting the fascinating War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


Participating in authentic cooking lessons


Take part in an authentic martial arts class, focussing on the unique aspects of the sport in Vietnam


Visit the Cu Chi Tunnels, an elaborate network of tunnels used during the Vietnam war.


Welcome dinner with the XploreAsia team

XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Experience
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Experience
XploreAsia Thailand Cultural Experience

Teacher Workshop

Our teacher workshop is designed to address culture shock by examining the underlying reasons why participants choose to live and teach in Vietnam. It’s a chance to reflect on the challenges and experiences that have shaped us as individuals, what our core strengths and weaknesses are, and how those personal characteristics can help us overcome the daunting task of adjusting to day-to-day life in another country.

Teacher workshop is a chance to talk with other participants, and figure out what barriers to happiness might potentially bar you from dealing with culture shock successfully. By identifying and analyzing our potential barriers to happiness, we can craft solutions and techniques that will allow us to jump over these hurdles and get the most of out of our teaching adventures abroad.

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