Teaching abroad can be an incredible experience that yields weird, wild and wonderful stories and memories.

We wanted to showcase some of those stories, and so we managed to sit down with some of our ESL teachers, both past and present, to hear about their most memorable moments whilst teaching.

Here’s what they had to say:

Jon Harman

Jon is a TESOL instructor, and Marketing Executive for XploreAsia. He has been living and working in Thailand for 18 months and is incredibly passionate about teaching. He has adapted incredibly well to Thai culture and his stories are captivating.

Loren Swailes

Loren, also known as Lolly or Lilo by her students and collegues, is a kindergarten English teacher in Bangkok. She graduated the XploreAsia 120 TESOL course in mid 2014 along with her mother who is also an English teacher in Thailand.

Austin Bentz

Austin is a TESOL instructor for XploreAsia. He started his teaching career in October of 2013 as a TESOL student, joining a large class of soon-to-be teachers. He graduated from the course and went on to teach in the Lopburi province in central Thailand.

Alanna Goddard

Alanna was previously a TESOL Instructor with the XploreAsia team. She joined us after having finished her term teaching in Nan province in far northeastern Thailand. She too started as a TESOL student, joining the April 2014 group.

Jaco Kleinloog

Jaco is a veteran TESOL instructor. Before leading with XploreAsia, Jaco started as a junior ESL teacher in the picturesque setting of Samui island. His years of experience have produced many interesting stories.


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