Trang City, Trang Province

Surprisingly untouched by tourism considering its gorgeous geographical position along the Andaman coast in Southern Thailand, Trang city is known for its scenic beaches, and breathtaking mountain views.

Evidence of the city’s historical Chinese influence can be seen in the architecture and vegetation throughout the town, and both Muslim and Chinese influence can be tasted in the multi-ethnic flavors of the restaurants around the town.

With plenty of surrounding islands, jungles, wildlife sanctuaries, and other outdoor attractions, Trang is a wonderland for any nature enthusiast or wildlife adventurer.

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Here is what some of the teachers we have placed in Trang have said about their experience living there!

What is special and interesting about your town?

lellman31@gmail.com: “Trang’s mascot is the dugong!”

Casey Kelly:It is an authentic Thai experience. It has a small town feeling, but everything you would need from a big town.”

Where are your favorite places to go out to eat and drink?

Casey Kelly: There are a few farang restaurants/bars when you want something to eat other than Thai food. I also love going to the markets and finding new food!”

lellman31@gmail.com: “The nightly market, and a local soup shop that knows my order without my having to say a word!”

Where can you go or what can you do to exercise?

lellman31@gmail.com: “I live directly across from the stadium where there is a track and field, a gym, basketball and tennis courts, and a pool. The botanical gardens also offer a short easy hike, and are only 10 minutes away on motorbike.”

Where can you shop for all the necessities?

Casey Kelly: “Robinson, Big C, Tesco, 7/11, Makro”

What is your accommodation like?

Casey Kelly:Very nice, new, updated, a/c, refrigerator, king size bed, furnished, small balcony, bathroom, hot water.”

lellman31@gmail.com “I have aircon, hot water, a fridge, and wifi. There is also a sliding door on my shower! (the only one I’ve seen in Thailand!)”

What can you do for fun in the evenings?

Casey Kelly: “Hang out with other farangs, go to the markets, get dinner or drinks.”

What do you do on the weekends?

lellman31@gmail.com “Either drive my motorbike to nearby beaches, caves, waterfalls, or hiking, or travel not too far away to go to places like Hat Yai, Bangkok, Krabi, or even Malaysia.”

What is the best nearby excursion or trip? 

lellman31@gmail.com “The beach in Had Yao.”

What are some tips you could give to new teachers in your town?

lellman31@gmail.com “Learn to drive a motorbike! It’s terrifying at first but opens up a world of possibilities both within the city and nearby.”

Casey Kelly: “You will quickly become a part of the farang community, and it’s so nice to have a big group of friends to hang out with! The community is so welcoming and kind. Just be sure to smile at everyone!”

Do you have a “Thai mom” or anyone in your town that has been incredibly helpful or welcoming?

lellman31@gmail.com “There is a young woman named Dear that speaks perfect English and works at her family’s cafe – Green House. She has a ton of travel experience and also knows everything about Trang and Thailand in general! She’s been incredibly helpful both with questions about life in Trang, as well as with coordinating trips outside of the city. Her facebook is: https://www.facebook.com/minaolendear?fref=ts

Casey Kelly: “Sue, who works at Saparachinee School, has been a wonderful asset. She has been so kind and helpful with everything we need from rides to the airport, helping translate menus, etc.”




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