The XploreAsia 120hr in-class TEFL / TESOL course, 160hr TESOL Extra course, and the CultureRoute 120hr online TEFL / TESOL course are all accredited by Accreditat*. Many other TEFL / TESOL organizations are not accredited or moderated, allowing them to sell their programs cheaply. Accreditation adds value by ensuring independent monitoring of course quality and ensures that your TEFL / TESOL qualification can be used internationally.

In order to maintain this accreditation status, Accreditat provides external moderation as a means of ensuring that our courses and their assessors are assessing consistently to the industry standards, in an efficient and effective manner. Accreditat’s external moderators are highly experienced in the education field, know the  TEFL / TESOL learning area well, have undergone training for moderation, and have genuine credibility among assessors and within their area of knowledge and expertise. 

External moderation involves:

  • Checking that our systems required to support the provision of learning and assessment programmes are appropriate, high quality, and working effectively
  • Providing advice and guidance to us in relation to further developement
  • Checking that all of the XploreAsia/CultureRoute team involved in assessment are appropriately qualified, experienced and competent
  • Checking the credibility of our assessment methods and learning procedures
  • Checking our internal moderation systems through sampling, monitoring and observing assessment processes and candidates’ evidence to ensure consistency across providers
  • Checking assessors’ decisions, providing feedback and recommendations as required

*ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351. Registration on the UKRLP means that they have been verified against a recognized legal source.

You can visit this link to view our accreditation status.

You may also contact Accreditat directly, for verification. 
Email: info@accreditat.com

Graduates of XploreAsia and CultureRoute’s internationally accredited TEFL / TESOL courses have used their TEFL / TESOL certificate to successfully find employment in ESL teaching and education fields in nearly every Western, native-English speaking country, as well as across Europe, Asia, South America, and beyond. XploreAsia and CultureRoute’s internationally accredited TEFL / TESOL courses are accepted by both schools and employers around the world.

For inquiries about XploreAsia and CultureRoute’s TEFL / TESOL certification, or to request a representative contact a prospective employer, please contact us at jon@xploreasia.org.

Certificate Verification Information for Students

After successful completion of your TEFL/TESOL Course, you can apply to ACCREDITAT for an ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format, if you wish. This is a confirmation document, not an academic certificate. It will confirm clearly that you did in fact complete your course successfully in case anyone ever doubts this. This is a huge benefit for you. This will confirm in any future recruiter’s or employer’s mind your excellent achievement, and the high quality of XploreAsia, our accredited courses and our expert tutors.

If you wish, please go to https://www.accreditat.com/tefl-tesol-students/register-with-us.html to apply for your additional ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format and then to https://www.accreditat.com/tefl-tesol-students/student-registration-fees.html to pay the GBP 20 ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format fee. You will also need to send ACCREDITAT a copy of your TEFL/TESOL certificate.

In addition, ACCREDITAT will be delighted to give you access to free, practical TEFL/TESOL and Learning and Development materials from time to time to help you towards your goals, once you have obtained your ACCREDITAT Confirmation Document in pdf format.



Teach English abroad in Vietnam

Teach in Vietnam

Teach in Vietnam with XploreAsia, you could be living and working in this diverse country, gaining a deeper insight into the culture, interacting with local people and making a real difference in the community through teaching English.

Teach English abroad in Thailand

Teach in Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for those interested in experiencing an ancient and diverse culture, and beautiful natural scenery. While teaching in Thailand is truly a life-changing experience, there are sometimes adjustment challenges, which is why we provide a comprehensive orientation to ensure a successful cultural transition.

Teach in South Korea

Teach in South Korea

Teaching in South Korea can be the beginning of a rewarding career path, not to mention a chance to gain a unique cultural experience.  Choosing to teach English abroad in South Korea offers some of the best benefits for English teachers in the world.

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