ottsaXploreAsia’s in-class and online TESOL courses are both fully accredited by the Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency (OTTSA).

Part of the accreditation process is having our courses audited quarterly by OTTSA. Every three months, a member of the OTTSA staff comes to the XploreAsia training center, observes our course, monitors the XploreAsia instructors, and speaks to our staff and students. They then send us an official report along with recommendations on how to improve the course and then do a follow-up assessment to ensure that recommended changes have been implemented.

You can visit the following link to view our accreditation status.

You may also contact Trevor Brindley. His contact details are:
Tel: 66(0) 86 279 9807.

OTTSA Accreditation

The Director of Education, Jaco Kleinloog, as well the President and Managing Director of XploreAsia, Michael Volpe receive XploreAsia’s accreditation certificate from OTTSA’s Trevor Brindley.

XploreAsia’s courses are accredited by Sinakarinwirot University (SWU).

One of the most prestigious universities in Thailand, SWU’s name is known and respected by the teaching establishment throughout Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. Opened by His Majesty King Bumibol in the 1950s, and with a student body of more than 20,000, over the decades the university has established a strong reputation in the education field. Many Thai teachers and education professionals attended SWU and respect for the university among the teaching establishment in Thailand is very strong.

XploreAsia’s education courses are fully accredited by the university and carry the university’s seal. The accreditation by SWU means that XploreAsia teachers have a strong affiliation and cache when applying for teaching positions in the region and beyond.

OTTSA Accreditation
OTTSA Accreditation


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