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Teaching abroad can open up a range of opportunities! You will gain a wealth of skills, experience and confidence that will be immensely valuable in any field you choose to pursue when you decide to hang up your red pen. We’ve spoken to former XploreAsia teachers who’ve gone on to accomplish great things both inside and outside of teaching to share our thoughts and their experiences with you. They’ll show you why teaching abroad is a great idea and how to use your skill set to pursue a career wether or not you continue teaching. 

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Being able to confidently express yourself as an invaluable skill. Presenting your ideas and explaining your work in formal meetings is essential in business. A boardroom is a breeze compared to a room full of disinterested children, so showing your confidence in speaking to people and communicating will definitely demonstrate the benefits of your teaching experience.

Adaptability is one of your strongest attributes as a teacher abroad. You’ve shown the ability to move to a foreign country, with no understanding of the language and adapt to living and working successfully is something very few candidates can say. Your future employer will know you have the ability to adapt to their way of working, as long as you tell them you can.

As an English teacher abroad, you’ve gone through your entire lesson plan in fifteen minutes and still managed to plow through, to keep your kids learning for the other forty five. You’ve started your lessons and realized that the kids looking blankly at you need you to mix things up, change your methodology mid-way through a lesson or devise a bridging lesson in the three seconds you’ve been standing in front of the class. You’re resourceful, quick thinking and able to solve problems quickly and effectively – make sure they know that.

Organisation skills, planning and working to deadlines are some things you’ll invariably need as a teacher, particularly in South East Asian schools. Schedules regularly get changed and you can be called to teach a class with very little warning. You’ve planned and prepared lessons, ahead of time and managed your own schedule to ensure everything is prepared before you step into the classroom. You will be able to function in high paced environments and use your time management skills to be effective in a busy office.

 Representing the organization you work for positively in a community is a large part of the teaching experience. Holding yourself as an ambassador for your school, contributing to the local community and being an active member of the community within your school is something any company would like to have replicated in their offices. Showing that you take your job very seriously and that you are willing and able to go above and beyond to represent your employer in the best possible light is a huge selling point you should make clear.

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Presenting your new skillset to an employer in a way that is relevant to the job you’re applying for is very important. Hopefully some of these skills will make it onto your resume and get you the job of your dreams! Remember to keep things brief, don’t go overboard with the details – save something for the interview

The skills you gain from living, working and teaching abroad can open doors for you in any walk of life. Find out how you can begin a life changing adventure that will also boost your career here.  

We also have internship programs that can prepare you for life at work in a professional setting covering a range of positions, that will provide hugely beneficial experience you can point to when applying for jobs: 

How has teaching overseas helped you land a job? If you’d like to share please get in touch! 


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