Keep Your New Year's Resolutions While Teaching English Abroad

New year, new you. We all have resolutions for the new year and they always involve us living a better lifestyle than the year previously. Whether it be getting or staying fit, reducing stress, or making new friends, our goals are always the same: enjoy life to the fullest. Sometimes though, it’s not so easy. Everyday life takes over and suddenly that workout schedule you meticulously created has been pushed back by a few months. We tend to allow other things to get in the way of improving ourselves, but 2018 should be about you. If you’ve struggled to find ways to maintain your resolutions, why not try something different? This year, let traveling and teaching abroad help you keep those promises to yourself. Here are some resolutions that should be easy to keep while teaching English abroad.

Thailand: Eat Better

A teacher and a Thai woman make papaya salad. teaching english abroad

Som tam (papaya salad) anyone?

Eating better and healthier may be difficult in your home country but not in Thailand! Food is integral in this country and is always delicious. Imagine yourself after a day of teaching English wandering through different food stalls, all with healthy options. Fresh fruits are offered on every street corner, and dishes are made with extremely fresh vegetables and meat. Not to mention the portions are much smaller than what you may be used to, and the spice level is higher. Chiles and spices are used abundantly and cause the eater to feel fuller quicker, allowing you to eat less but without feeling like you are starving. Plus, spicy food gives you an excuse to enjoy cool beverages like Thai tea or iced coffee. These may not be the healthiest options, but we won’t tell if you don’t.

Myanmar: Self Care

Self-care is so important and there is no better way to work on yourself than to head to Myanmar. Once known as Burma, this country has recently opened its doors to the western world and as a result is still calm and quiet in comparison, perfect for someone who wants to slow down and de-stress. The locals wear traditional dress as well as thanaka cream on their faces in beautiful patterns. This cream is made from bark and provides protection from the sun and is believed to remove acne and help smooth out skin. Your commute to school could involve a walk or bike ride by ancient, quiet temples, a reminder to focus on practicing an unhurried lifestyle. Why not even try meditating at one of these temples? Teaching English in Myanmar will allow you to enjoy your day without the constant hustle and bustle like in the west. Book a flight and feel yourself start to relax in no time!

teaching english abroad allows one to teach those who need English the most

Thanaka helps smooth and protect skin. Why not try some while teaching in Myanmar?

Vietnam: Spend Less Money

Teaching English abroad allows you to take silly photos with your students

Save money, live happy in Vietnam

We know, we know. You just had to have those expensive new shoes or you had to feed your Starbucks addiction which broke your bank last month. Overspending and living above your means is an epidemic in the west, and no one is immune to it. Luckily for you, teaching English abroad in Vietnam will be a fantastic way to not only spend less money, but to save more money. The average cost of living is considerably lower in Vietnam, even in the major cities of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi. Teachers are paid well above the average Vietnamese person, allowing them comfortable living conditions, travel money, and most teachers are able to save a ton as well. In addition, Vietnam touches Cambodia, Laos, and China, offering teachers multiple travel destinations, and when you live out of a suitcase, you tend to spend less money anyway. Plus, the Dong (Vietnamese currency) is so inflated that everyday items will cost you millions of Dong. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire?

China: Make New Friends

So maybe making friends hasn’t been as easy as it was in grade school. Lucky for you there is a solution: teaching English in China! There are some 1.35 billion Chinese people living in China, not to mention the countless expats and travelers that live in and visit this massive country every year. And each one of them is a potential friend! Teaching English abroad with fellow expats and local teachers offers you a chance to start fresh and meet people you may never have interacted with before. Plus, after your week working side by side with these new friends, a weekend travel excursion with them will allow more bonding time, and there is always a new place to explore in China. Want an experience of a lifetime you can share with some new buds? Teaching English in China is your solution.

Teaching English abroad allows you to meet the cutest students

You’ll definitely make some new friends in China, even if a few are a bit young

South Korea: Make More Money

Teaching English abroad means selfies everyday!

Make incredible memories while making an incredible salary

Are you working in a dull job wishing for something more exciting? Or are you perhaps a recent graduate who is looking for a job to help pay off those pesky debts? Want a job that is both exciting and one in which you can make a lot of money? Why not try teaching English in South Korea! This diverse and gorgeous country is always looking for English teachers and is willing to shell out for them. Not only do you make double what you might make in Thailand or Vietnam, but schools will often offer you free housing and pay for your flights to and from your home country. All that free stuff definitely adds up and will allow you to save a ton of your yearly wage. The only thing you have to do is decide when you’re going. This new year’s resolution has never been so easy to keep.

New year’s resolutions are often difficult to keep and many of us fail before we even start. But a new year means a chance to change yourself for the better, and there is no better or easier way to experience a change than while teaching English abroad. Not only do certain countries make it easy for you to keep those important resolutions, but any country you teach English in will offer chances for you to keep more resolutions. You’ll learn a new skill, travel more, and enjoy life to the fullest. So? Where will you go to create a new you?

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Where will you teach English and create a new you?

Share your ideas in the comments!

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