Why TESOL is necessary for Teaching English in Thailand

9-5 got you down and dreaming of a new adventure? Thinking about teaching abroad? Thailand is becoming a main destination for people who want to teach English abroad. Teaching English abroad through XploreAsia is a great way to embark on an exciting adventure, and experience a new culture. If you are considering going abroad to teach, then there is no denying that it behooves you to get a TESOL or TEFL. It will greatly improve your chances of getting a steady job, and in fact, many schools in Thailand are now requiring a language certification.

But what is a TESOL? What’s a TEFL? And is one better than the other for a career in Thailand?

Well, get ready to find out – Michael Volpe from XploreAsia explains the difference between the two language certifications and answers the questions above.

Michael Volpe is the CEO of XploreAsia. He has an extensive educational background in international business and political science. He is a Fulbright-Hays Scholar with a PhD in International Public Policy from George Mason University.

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