This March, we celebrated International Women’s History Month by highlighting some incredible women who became teachers through our programs! At XploreAsia, over 75 percent of our participants are solo female travelers and some of them have shared with us some words of wisdom that they’ve gathered throughout their journeys abroad: 

Allison Scott

Allison Scott is an American who has been teaching English in Thailand since Nov. 2018.

“Say yes to everything.” Saying yes to opportunities has led Allison to have some amazing experiences in Thailand. Some other advice she has for incoming teachers is to learn to go with the flow, because nothing ever goes as planned as a teacher!⠀

Kate McNaughton

Kate McNaughton is from South Africa and has been teaching in South Korea since Aug. 2018. She teaches elementary and middle school students, and also has one Adult class!

“Don’t be afraid to take risks. Sometimes moving to a different country seems daunting but life is what you make of it. Enjoy every moment of your new city, your new life. Explore. Try new things, new food, make new friends from all over the world and make the most of the opportunities you’ve been given.”

Shauna Dunkley

Shauna Dunkley is a Canadian who moved to Thailand in Oct. 2015 and hasn’t left since! She teaches kindergarten at a private school in Nonthaburi, Thailand and loves it.

“Never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Tamryn Iyer

Tamryn Iyer is from South Africa and has been teaching in Vietnam since Sep. 2018. She teaches students from kindergarten all the way up to sixth grade!

No matter your salary, no matter your apartment, no matter the tax you pay… happiness starts with you! In any experience you choose, working abroad, packing shelves at the grocery down your road, it’s totally up to you to make it the best experience of your life!”

Lindsey Gall

Lindsey Gall is an American who originally came to Thailand in Nov. 2014. She initially taught for two years, then taught in another country and after traveling for a bit, came back to Thailand in Oct. 2018 because she missed it so much!

“Go for it! I know it can seem scary at first, but the kindness that you encounter on a daily basis from the locals everywhere, from total strangers, is both remarkable and humbling.”

Erin Jamieson

Erin Jamieson is from Canada and has been teaching in Thailand since Nov. 2018. She teaches grades M 1 and 2 (children aged 13 and 14) students in Chanthaburi.

She has had some amazing experiences while living in Thailand, and one of her favorite things about living there has been making true connections with Thai people. In her time there, she has found Thai people to be the most kind and genuine people she has ever met.

“Always expect the unexpected, and just go with whatever presents itself because it always turns out how it is meant to.”

Pearl Simelane

Pearl Simelane is from South Africa and has been teaching in South Korea since Aug. 2018. She teaches elementary and middle school students in Suncheon, a small city in the southern region of the country.

“It’s been such a beautiful journey. It’s scary at first but the little humans with genuine, heartwarming smiles make it so easy. A smile and a little encouragement every other day goes a long way and it’s so rewarding to watch them bloom with newfound confidence.”

Caroline Byerly

Caroline Byerly is an American who arrived in Thailand during Oct. 2018. She teaches English, Math and Computer to students in grades P1-P4 (first graders to fourth graders) in Chaiya, Surat Thani.

“Don’t be afraid to take a position that isn’t your ‘dream placement!’ You learn the most about yourself when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Be up for the challenge and embrace your new community!”

Jade Kelly

Jade Kelly is from South Africa and taught in Thailand from Aug. 2018 until Feb. 2019.

“Embrace the whole experience and especially the unexpected! Immerse yourself in the culture! Don’t give up and remember when things get tough that you chose to put yourself in this situation so that you would grow and learn new things! Be positive and just enjoy it all, it’s amazing!”

Amber Rondeau

Amber Rondeau is an American who teaches children ages 2.5-7. She has been teaching in Thailand since July 2018 in Surat Thani!

Travel with an open heart and accept everyone you meet. Keep your guard up, but don’t make judgements about others. Your instincts will tell you what kind of person they are.

We’d like to thank these courageous women and countless others who have taken their TESOL courses with us and who are changing lives all around the world. They inspire us each and every day! To see more from our teachers, check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.

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