Reasons to Teach Thailand in 2017:

Most of us can remember our favourite teachers, we can remember how they inspired us, how they motivated us, and how they made us feel about our achievements.  The fact that most of us have never forgotten these moments says a lot about the impact teachers can have on an individual.  An inspirational teacher can not only change the life of a student, but also have lasting impact on a community. When you teach Thailand in 2017, we’ll give you the opportunity to become unforgettable.

Inspire the new generation and make friends that will last a lifetime!

Muay Thai Hua Hin, TESOL Orientation Week

english teacher in Thailand

teaching english in Thailand

TESOL course beach BBQ

 As an educator, your students will make a lasting impression on you.  Their smiling faces, their kindness and generosity, their moments of extroversion will stay with you forever.  You will be welcomed with open arms into a community, and in-turn will work with that community as a teacher to improve their younger generation’s future prospects.

At XploreAsia we truly care about the experience we offer every single one of our participants.  We care about our community, and improving education all over Thailand.  We offer truly life-changing adventures.

To give you an overview of our particiapant experience, here’s our latest review over on GoAbroad :

“It was nerve-wracking to make the decision to leave home and move to a new country to teach English but XploreAsia replaced all my trepidation with excitement and confidence! I have been living and teaching in Thailand for the past 7 months and couldn’t be happier with my choice. XploreAsia provided endless support prior to coming to Thailand, invaluable teaching preparation, personalized placement meetings to help place me in a job best suited for me, and unending support after I was placed in a school. This program goes above and beyond in making sure participants are well-prepared and confident going into their own classrooms. I found the continued support after being placed in my school to be one of the most positive aspects of my experience as the XploreAsia staff is happy to help and well-informed in regards to Thai life and culture. I cannot recommend this program enough, if you’re looking to embark upon a life changing and growing experience then don’t hesitate. Wonderful things are waiting for you!”

                                                                                                                               by Julianne Tierney

 Still need convincing on why you should teach Thailand in 2017?

Check out these inspiring stories and adventures of XploreAsia alumni:

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The best part about stepping out for your comfort zone is that it can change your life the way you never imagined – How We Found Love While Teaching in Thailand

If you have any more questions about teaching abroad and would like to embrace a new culture, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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