Working as an intern overseas opens up countless opportunities, and broadens your perspective in a way you could have never imagined. But do not take our word for it! Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Intern Overseas listed by a XploreAsia intern Jane, who did a 12 week internship program with us. We are so glad to have her as part of our XploreAsia family and wish her best of luck in her new adventures back home!

1. Explore A New Country. This one seems a bit obvious, but in a case you did not realize, as an intern overseas YOU GET TO EXPLORE AND DISCOVER AN ENTIRE NEW COUNTRY!!!!! When living in a new country, it is so nice to have a place to call home and a home-base to return to after a long weekend and day trips around the country. You also become very familiar with the area that you live in, and you`ll gain a lot more knowledge about the culture than an average backpacker would. 

2. Live Like a Local. By living in a different country for an extended period of time you get to learn so much more than if you were simply visiting for a few weeks. You become completely immersed in a new culture. By living in Hua Hin, I have picked up a good amount of Thai, improved my bargaining skills and learned so much about Thai culture and customs!

sunset in Hua Hin
sunset in Hua Hin

Sunsets in Hua Hin, as beautiful as always.

3. Make Your Resume Stand Out. The decision to move abroad is not an easy, or a small step to take, however, interning overseas sets you apart from job applicants who do not have any international work experience. Employers see so much more in it than just another internship. It shows that you are open minded, you are able to adapt, you learn to over come obstacles and develop problem solving skills, the list goes on!

4. Gain International Work Experience. Working for a company in a different country means that you will be working with locals and other various nationalities. You have an opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, learn from different perspectives and work ethics. It will help you to understand how different cultures work and how to co-operate in a business environment.

5. Learn a New Language. One of the most exciting yet difficult parts of moving abroad to a country that speaks a different language than your native tongue is communicating with local people and understanding local life and culture. However, you will most likely learn how to say basic phrases and how to order your favorite foods and nothing feels better than when the local people understand what you are saying in their language!

6. Meet People from All Over the World. There will most likely be people from many different countries if you intern overseas. Some of these people may even end up becoming lifelong friends, mentors or both!  Working in an international organization allows you to learn about other people, where they come from and what it is like in their country.

XploreAsia staff and interns

7. Grow Your Network When you work in an international organization, you meet people from all around the world. You make connections that you can later use in life. People come from all different types of careers and backgrounds, and often have a lot of connections in different parts of the world.

8. Opens New Doors (opportunities and desires) it sounds cliché but people sometimes travel to find themselves.  While I would not say that you “find yourself” by moving and working in a different country, you definitely discover things about yourself regarding who you are as a person and perhaps even desires and things that matter to you that you may have never realized.  This could further lead to open an entire new world of opportunities that align with your new found passions!


Surprisingly, Thailand is also a home to handful of vineyards!

On the way to one of the temples in Khao Takiab, about 30 minute drive from Hua Hin

9. Personal Growth. Being away from your version of normal, gives you no option but to grow! Everything is different and initially it all feels quite uncomfortable.  From the food you eat and every day commute, to the way you interact with people, it is all different and strange at first. It is a constant testing of your patience and at the end it makes you become a more calm and accepting person.  As there is a saying, nothing good ever comes from a comfort zone.

10. Everyday life is Actually Exciting. One of the best parts of interning abroad is that every day is unpredictable. When you are in a comfortable familiar setting, life can become routine and sometimes even boring.  However, life in another country is always an adventure, ranging from discovering your new favorite lunch spot to exploring your new town after work! You never run out of things to do and always have a new adventure to look forward to.

Is this something that you would be interested? Would you like to join our international XploreAsia family, gain valuable work experience and have a taste of what’s it like living in Thailand? If yes, get in contact with us and lets have a chat!

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