Moving abroad can be stressful, but when you come and train with XploreAsia, we provide a network of support formed of our staff, many of whom have experience teaching in Thailand and other destinations. Our team have also completed their TESOL certification through XploreAsia too! As part of our continuing effort to keep people connected, we hold regular teacher meetups for our placed teachers in Thailand so that they can meet people who are living and working in their area.

The main purpose of these meetups is to give our teachers the opportunity to meet other teachers working in the same region. Due to the TESOL training taking place in separate groups and in various locations, people usually haven’t met all the other teachers in their area and it can be difficult for them to find other westerners. We also use the meetups as an opportunity to talk to the teachers individually in person to see how they’re doing at their placement town and to find out how their experience has been with teaching in Thailand since our last contact.

A review from an alumni teaching in Thailand

Our most recent meetups were held in Thailand’s sprawling capital city Bangkok and Khon Kaen, a city in the North of Thailand.

A group photo of our Bangkok meetup

Some of our wonderful XploreAsia family members who came to our meetup in Bangkok in July!

In Bangkok earlier this month, teachers working in the city and the surrounding areas were able to meet up and have dinner together, along with the placement team on the Chao Phraya River. In addition to enjoying the food in an amazing location, the teachers also took part in a trivia quiz to test their knowledge about Thailand and were able to discuss the ups and downs of life teaching in Thailand.

Meditation in Khon Kaen

Through discussing their individual experiences of culture shock, the challenges they face whilst teaching in Thailand, and sharing funny stories about their students and schools, the teachers were able to leave the meetup with new friends and newfound confidence in their teaching abilities.

At the meetup in June in Khon Kaen, the placement team met with another group of XploreAsia alumni and were able to visit three local attractions. First, the alumni received a guided tour of the breath-taking nine-story Wat Nong Wang temple during which they learned more about Buddhism, and also found out about the history of the temple itself. Afterwards, the group took some time to wander around the park surrounding the nearby Ubonrat Dam to enjoy the sunshine, and get to know eachother better. The final attraction our XploreAsia teachers visited was the secluded Phra Bat Phupan temple which offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

Meditating at one of the stunning temple excursions during the Khon Kaen meetup.

All good meetups end with a group meal, and in Khon Kaen the teachers were able to use this time together to really get into detail with each other about their experience teaching in Thailand. During all meetups, we hope that participants leave with both rekindled and brand new friendships with other teachers, as well as reassurance that they aren’t alone in their adventures.

Khon Kaen meetup group photo

Some of the XploreAsia family at your meetup in Khon Kaen!

At XploreAsia, we are still here for our TESOL students even after they graduate and our teacher meetups are only one of the ways in which we make sure that our alumni still feel like part of the family. Check out our website to find out more about our TESOL course and how you could start teaching in Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Vietnam or China.

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