Teach abroad: XploreAsia family

XploreAsia Family taking a company trip to Mallika 124 in Kanchanaburi, Thailand

XploreAsia is passionate about changing lives and embracing adventure through teaching abroad. This passion comes from the staff themselves, many of whom have been teachers previously before joining XploreAsia to help facilitate other people’s journeys across Asia. The XploreAsia staff make up a diverse family that not only supports one another, but also cares deeply about the teachers taking their accredited TESOL course and the surrounding community. 

Each staff member of the XploreAsia family has a unique story that has brought them to work for XploreAsia, and we’re delighted to be able to share some of their stories with you!


Becca, Program Coordinator

Teach abroad: XploreAsia team member Becca working with elephants

Becca during her time working with elephants

Teach abroad: XploreAsia team member Becca taking a selfie with her favorite companion

Taking a selfie with one of her adorable rescue dogs!

Becca is a proud  team member of the programs department. When she’s not helping our participants prepare for their unforgettable experience, and taking care of her three dog children,  she is often found volunteering and helping animals. As a matter of fact, volunteering is what brought her to Thailand. She saw an opportunity to volunteer with rescued elephants and went for it. This hands on volunteering experience led her to work in marketing, public relations, web management, and as a volunteer coordinator for the Save the Elephant Foundation. However,  Becca didn’t stop there! She ventured out even further and decided to teach abroad. She became an XploreAsia participant, completed her TESOL course, and taught English in schools around Thailand. Her adventures in Thailand have brought her to work for the XploreAsia family.  When asked why she wanted to work for XploreAsia, she simply stated “I had a great time as a participant. I appreciated the support that was given by the team. Not only do they help individuals become teachers, but they also create a support system after they are placed”.

XploreAsia is ecstatic to have her adventurous soul as part of the family!

Ae, Placement Coordinator

Teach abroad: Ae receiving some love from a former participant

Ae receiving some love from an XploreAsia teacher! 

Another outstanding member of the XploreAsia team is placement coordinator Mananya, also known as Ae. She forms part of the extremely committed placement team at XploreAsia that is dedicated to finding participants the best possible teaching jobs in Thailand. Ae is originally from Phang-nga, Thailand but has lived in Bangkok, Phuket, and Krabi. She has previously worked in the fields of education, tourism, and healthcare. Surprisingly, Ae came across a position at XploreAsia by accident. She decided to move near the Hua Hin area to take care of her mother and found an opportunity nearby in a multicultural company. For Ae, XploreAsia is not your typical company, she states “It feels like family, we’re all close, and we are open to share our thoughts when we work”. Ae enjoys walking in every morning and being received with warmth by the staff and the adorable dogs that make great companions while at work. The XploreAsia staff family feels like it was meant to have Ae as part of the team. 


XploreAsia family dog Nom Sod loved by our teach abroad teachers

Nom Sod doing what he does best, relaxing and being adorable!

One of the most loved members of the XploreAsia family is Nom Sod. Nom Sod has been at XploreAsia from the beginning, and not only is he loved by the staff, but all the teach abroad participants that have the privilege of meeting him. Nom Sod is a rescue dog adopted by XploreAsia founders, Mike and Paang, who say he had boundless energy. Nowadays, you can often find him relaxing and taking naps around the building, although he still loves all the attention from the participants. Nom Sod and his furry friends Pumpkin and Pudding work hard in keeping a smile on everyone’s faces. These extra members of the team are the key players of making XploreAsia feel like home.


Teach in Thailand

XploreAsia staff spending time together in Kanchanaburi

Posing for a picture with Mom

All of our team work to ensure all participants get to enjoy the benefits of teaching English abroad. Although all their stories are different, they all share the same passion for teaching English, traveling and giving back to their local communities. Participants who train and teach with us not only leave prepared to teach, but they also gain a brand new family abroad through XploreAsia. We believe that there is nothing more important than having a good support system, and we’re pleased to be able to provide that. If you are interested in learning more about XploreAsia, visit our website and follow us on Facebook to keep up with the adventures of the XploreAsia family.

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