Jobs are harder to find, the market is more competitive than ever, and minimum wage is well, still rather minimum..

Are you looking for that competitive edge, a gold star on your resume perhaps? Do you seek fulfilment, happiness, personal growth, or simply a challenge? Have you ever considered teaching English abroad?

Working as a professional English teacher in some of the world’s most sought after destinations is not exclusive to degree holders or those with teaching experience, but rather quite accessible to individuals of varying educational backgrounds and age. To teach abroad is an experience that provides more than another stamp on your passport, but rather the opportunity to grow tremendously both professionally and personally. It is the ability to adapt, develop confidence, empathy, cultural sensitivity and patience, all of which are more valuable than ever in a quickly globalizing economy. It is the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a culture that will both challenge and excite you. It is the opportunity to have your heart filled and belly satisfied. It is more than an escape from the everyday, but a way to significantly enrich your life whilst greatly impacting the community and improving the economic growth of a country.

So is it worth taking the risk to move miles away from home for a destination unknown? Well, as Tony Robbins said, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
We’re not telling you to take that plunge, but it might be worth it! This opportunity is truly made for anyone who feels like they’re in a bit of a rut or simply needs to recharge their batteries.

With thousands of incredible locations to choose from, teaching English abroad can provide the opportunity to truly unleash yourself! Here’s a list of our top 5 locations to teach overseas!

South Korea

For those who are not looking for just a gap year, but a chance to build a new life abroad, South Korea is a great option. While you can just do a one-year contract, South Korean schools offer bonuses and other incentives to teachers who stay for more than a year.

If you want to move abroad but are worried that living abroad isn’t financially sustainable, the salaries and benefits offered by South Korean schools should ease your fears. Teachers in South Korea typically earn at least 20,000 USD a year. This may not sound like that much, but when you factor in that your accommodation, airfare, and insurance are all covered, that leaves quite a bit of money to be saved up each month.

South Korea itself is a beautiful country with a unique culture. The country offers stunning mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and bustling cities; something for everyone! There is fantastic public transport, and South Korea is a very modern nation with widespread Wi-Fi and all of the latest technology. For fans of pop culture, South Korea has a vibrant pop music scene that is famous across the world. Fashion, makeup, and skin care trends are on the cutting edge in South Korea, making it a trendsetter’s paradise.

Applying to teach in South Korea can be a rigorous process. With so many great benefits, the program is competitive! However, if you have the drive needed to teach in South Korea, the rewards are well worth it! If you think South Korea could be right for you, learn more here:



If the benefits of South Korea appeal to you, but the competitive nature of the program doesn’t, teaching English in China may be right for you! As in South Korea, those who teach in China through XploreAsia receive free accommodation, free insurance, and will have their flights reimbursed. Teachers can expect to earn 1,000 -1,300 USD a month. Many goods and services, including food and transportation, are significantly cheaper in China than in the United States. As such, it is fairly easy to live comfortably as an English teacher in China while still adding to your savings account.

China is a large, diverse nation rich in natural beauty and history. Whether you prefer bustling cities or quiet countryside, China has you covered! Living in China, you would have a unique opportunity to learn Mandarin or another Chinese dialect, a language spoken by around 16% of the world’s population. China is an emerging international power, and having experience working in China can be helpful to those not only in education, but those who want to work in business or other sectors in the future.

If you’re a flexible, open-minded person, you may be a perfect fit to teach in China! Find out more about our program here:



Perhaps you seek a different kind of adventure, one lined with emerald waters and breathtaking natural beauty. Vietnam boasts an expanding metropolis in the city of Hanoi and a high octane city of culture and discovery in Ho Chi Minh (formerly known as Saigon). Teachers will find that jobs are quite abundant and living expenses are rather affordable compared to South Korea and China. Teachers can earn anywhere from $1,250 – 1,800 USD a month. Those who decide to teach in Vietnam through XploreAsia receive 10 days of free accommodation upon arrival, in addition to visa support and medical insurance. A bachelor’s degree or higher is required for placement in one of Vietnam’s reputable language or public schools, as well as a TESOL/TEFL certification.

With a complex and exotic blend of culture, religion and cuisine, Vietnam is a true marvel. Explore ‘The Pearl of the Orient’ (Ho Chi Minh City) which is characterized by its dizzying mix of tradition and contemporary style, featured by the bustling streets, ancient temples, and soaring skyscrapers. A wealth of adventure awaits you in this electrifying and quickly evolving country! Is it calling your name? To learn more about our program in Vietnam, please visit:



The new kid on the block, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is one of the most fascinating teaching destinations in Southeast Asia. After decades of isolation, the nation that is home to over 100 ethnic groups eagerly welcomes English teachers to work in their local schools. Holding a mystique of sorts for the seasoned traveler, Myanmar boasts an untouched coastline, limestone peaks and luscious jungles that offer real adventure.

Teachers can earn on average $800-1,500 USD per month, which goes a fair way in this “Golden Land”.

While infrastructure quickly develops, teachers will find their biggest expense to be accommodation with rent starting at $500 USD per month, but the ability to save upwards of $10,000 USD a year is still a possibility. Living expenses are still comparable to places such as Thailand and Vietnam, with the average meal costing anywhere from $2-3 USD.

While potential for growth is so strong, Myanmar still embraces the truest form of old Asia and Buddhist purity that is something you may not find anywhere else in Southeast Asia.

Surround yourself with silhouettes of hundreds of temples built by the Kings of Bagan, attend the Taunggyi Hot Air Balloon Festival where you can find an endless array of exotic balloon animals, then finish the day with an authentic bowl of Burmese Mohinga.

If you have an adventurous spirit and an open mind, Myanmar is the perfect fit for some one with genuine wanderlust. If you’re interested in this opportunity check out our program here:



Thailand is without doubt the poster child for teaching English abroad. Offering both exotic adventure and tranquil escapes to postcard-worthy beachfronts and mountain valleys. Widely known as the ‘Land of Smiles’, Thailand will overwhelm you with its kindness and hospitality. While the beaches gain world popularity, it is frankly the Thai people who will captivate you with their warmth and courtesy, commonly going out of their way to help others. Despite the fact that Thailand hosts upwards of 16 million tourists each year, it is still able to hold true to its rich cultural identity. Immerse yourself in true Thai culture as an English teacher in one of Thailand’s government or international schools. Take part in some of Thailand’s ancient traditional holidays such as SongKran (the Thai New Year’s Festival), Loy Kathrong, or the Yi Peng Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai. Explore the cosmopolitan centre of Bangkok (‘City of Angels’), find bliss in the Buddhist temples, treat yourself to authentic Isaan cuisine, and opt for an intrepid journey in a tuk-tuk, which may be regarded as the Thai equivalent to Uber.

Thailand continues to be a popular destination for English teachers who are both seasoned and new to the profession. Teachers are offered flexible positions with 30 day holidays in October and April, offering the perfect opportunity to explore your beautiful new home. Thailand offers competitive monthly salaries, with degree holders having the ability to make anywhere from $800 – 1,200 USD per month. The Teach in Thailand program offered through XploreAsia offers employment and accommodation assistance, a certified TESOL course which is a requirement for all English teachers in Thailand, in addition to an action packed cultural orientation week. 

Discover the life changing adventure of living and working abroad in this tropical oasis. Thailand is ideal for social, active individuals who seek adventure and the ability to live lavishly in a dream location. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please visit:

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