Start your TESOL in Thailand journey by the beach in Hua Hin!

Explore the gorgeous beach city of Hua Hin whilst studying for your TESOL/TEFL qualification that will let you teach and travel around Thailand and internationally.

When you hear the word ‘Thailand’, what’s the first thing that you think of? Do you think of Bangkok and Phuket? Temples? Beaches? Mountains? How about the city of Hua Hin? The beautiful beachside city sits just three and a half hours south of the capital but remains a hidden gem for some. Here at XploreAsia, we think Hua Hin is a great place to study to receive your TESOL in Thailand qualification and we’re going to tell you why!

In Hua Hin, you get the best of both worlds. It has all the beachy and touristy attractions, along with authentic, local spots. Although many holiday makers come to Hua Hin, many people still live a traditional Thai lifestyle and it’s a great place to start your foray into Thai culture.

Let’s Talk About Food!

 Hua Hin has a plethora of dining options to suit many different tastes and dietary requirements. Across from, XploreAsia are a range of food stalls offering everything from pad Thai, to sugar-laden desserts, to fresh and healthy glass noodle salads, to coffee and much more. There are many restaurants serving traditional Thai food along Soi 51, including halal options, and we recommend that you explore the area on foot so you don’t miss anything.

 There are also lots of spots to find home comforts or international cuisines here. Head to Market Village and Bluport malls to find chain restaurants you will recognize from home and have your pick of Italian food, Japanese food or even Korean BBQ. There is even a vegan restaurant near the night market for anyone following a plant-based diet. Vegetarian or not, we highly recommend giving the jackfruit curry a try!

Get a taste of delicious local foods such as this while you get your TESOL in Thailand
 Taste delicious local foods like this while you get your TESOL in Thailand

Okay, Now Let’s Go Shopping!

Didn’t pack enough pairs of elephant pants? Want to impress your friends and family back home with authentic Thai handicrafts? Head to the night markets! The most famous is simply called the Night Market and is by Soi 72- only a twenty minute walk or short drive from the XploreAsia office!. It offers a huge range of clothes, tech, and souvenirs as well as being a hive of restaurants and bars. You can even get a massage there if you need to charge your batteries halfway through shopping. Other favourite markets include Cicada Market, the Tamarind Market and, for groceries, Dinosau!

There are also two large shopping malls in Hua Hin which offer well-known brands in western sizes. If you have packed light to come to study your TESOL in Thailand, you can easily pick up some smart clothes for teaching here.

See beautiful temples like this when getting your TESOL in Thailand with XploreAsia
See all the beautiful scenery that Hua Hin has to offer, like this temple deep inside a natural cave

Let’s Get Outside!

 In Hua Hin, there are lots of adventures to go on. You can visit the Kui Buri National Park to see elephants roaming free without human intervention. As the land is protected, the animals are, too, and you won’t get any cruel elephant rides here. You can also spot gaurs, deer, wild boar, Burmese hare, and the other majestic animals who call the park their home.

 If you are looking for an active weekend In Hua Hin, then head over to the Pala-U waterfall, where you can choose a hike to suit your skill level. There are 16-levels of this incredible waterfall and you will be in safe hands with the local guides. Another great hiking spot is the Phraya Nakhon Cave. After a hike over a limestone trail offering spectacular views of the beach and mountains, you can take in the beauty of the Kuha Karuhas pavilion.

At XploreAsia, we offer our Hua Hin TESOL course participants the chance to come with us to all of these places as weekend excursions, helping you save money through paying as a group and also making sure you get the most out of your time in the city.

Giving Back to the Community

At XploreAsia, we love Hua Hin and therefore want to help keep it at its best. Hua Hin is the home to Rescue P.A.W.S, a not-for-profit organization that improves the quality of life for many animals through sterilization and education.

Here, you can arrange a day visit, where you will learn more about the organization, and be able to spend time with some of the dogs. Either take them for a walk along the nearby beach, or tag along with the team for their daily pack feeds. Besides, what better way to enjoy your time in Thailand than to spend it with dogs? Even better, a visit here is included as part of the orientation week for all our TESOL students who come to study in Hua Hin!

In Hua Hin, you can visit not-for-profit organizations such as Rescue Paws .
Take the pups out for a walk at Rescue Paws and play with them during a day visit.

Ready to experience life overseas? Check out our TESOL in Thailand!

If the sun, sea, sand and mango stick rice doesn’t convince you to come to Thailand, come to make a difference! Teaching English makes a huge difference to a child’s future, enabling them the chance to gain increased educational and professional opportunities or even lift their families out of poverty. By sharing your language, you can open a world of possibilities for your students!

On completion of our TESOL in Thailand program, graduates also get a week of cultural activities to get you ready for life abroad, as well as lifelong support from our international team. If you want to learn more about joining XploreAsia as an ESL teacher, and more about living in the beautiful beachside city of Hua Hin, then visit our website now and begin to embrace your adventure!

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Blog contributed by Ashia Glover.

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