Teach English abroad and embrace a new culture

Thinking of teaching English abroad in Asia, but don’t know where?

We’ve got the quiz for you! We currently offer teach English abroad programs in Thailand, South Korea, China, Myanmar, and Vietnam (and soon to be Costa Rica– watch this space, 2020!). With five amazing countries in Asia to choose from, it can be hard to choose the perfect place for you. Do you want to experience ancient temples in Thailand? Try authentic pho in Vietnam? Wear hanbok in Korea? Take your first step into your new career change by exploring your options. Take the quiz now to find out where could be the perfect backdrop for a new chapter in your life.

What was your result? Let us know in the comments! Has this quiz made you curious about how you could start a new life and teach English abroad? As well as moving to a new country and earning a sustainable income, you can also positively impact the community by giving the locals the chance to learn English and lift themselves out of poverty, get into better schools, or find better jobs, depending on the country. When you teach English abroad, you can also truly embrace the culture rather than merely observing it like a tourist. With our internationally accredited TESOL qualification, you can teacher wherever you want to go and our course will give you all the skills you need to be a confident and effective teacher!

If you’re still undecided, head over to our Instagram and Facebook pages to see what our current teachers in Korea, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and China are up to. At XploreAsia, we’ve placed thousands of teachers and helped them start the most amazing journeys. If your mind is already made up, head over to our wesbite to find out more about teaching overseas.

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