Embracing Adventure. Changing Lives

Meet Michael Volpe, founding director of XploreAsia. Michael has years of experience working and living in Thailand, and he has studied Thai culture for over a decade. Michael wants to welcome you to XploreAsia, an organization dedicated to helping others achieve a life-changing adventure abroad.

XploreAsia is dedicated to being a positive force in the local community by providing educational opportunities, volunteer work, and animal welfare programs.

Every member of our western staff has experience working and living abroad, and all of our TESOL course instructors have plentiful experience teaching internationally.

We understand the challenges and rewards of teaching and volunteering abroad. We want participants of our programs to be successful in their cross-cultural adventures, and that is why we go to great lengths to provide extensive support and guidance before, during, and after our courses and programs.

~Embracing adventure, changing lives~

Welcome to XploreAsia.

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