Thanks for the Memories - July 2016

...and welcome to our new website!

July has been a whirlwind of adventure and education here at XploreAsia, and with the end of the month already here, we just wanted to take a second to say thank you to everyone who got involved with one of our programs, and helped us make the endless stream of amazing new memories we have.

This August we are proud to present the new and improved XploreAsia.org! To celebrate the launch of our new site, we decided to take a look back at some of the amazing experiences we took part in during July.

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate all the graduates of our July, 2016 internationally recognized Thailand in-class TESOL Course. This determined and diligent group of students were not afraid to put in the work and dedication necessary to learn the craft of lesson planning, effective instruction, classroom management, and overall successful practices for teaching ESL students.

We rounded off this July in-class TESOL course with a two-day non-profit English camp at the local Tedsaban School, here in Hua Hin.

XploreAsia participants taking part in the Buddhist Lent parade with the local school!
July 2016 TESOL graduates, certificate in hand!
TESOL students putting their training to the test!

Congratulations TESOL graduates! Good luck at your new teaching positions all around Thailand. We know you have what it takes to be great teachers!

Training and welcoming new teachers to Thailand isn’t the only thing we’ve been up to though, we’ve also been catching up with some past XploreAsia graduate teachers, who have been busy teaching in their placements around Thailand.

Smiles all around at the dinner meet-up!

This July, XploreAsia hosted a teacher’s meet-up dinner along the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. We wanted to give our extended XA family a chance to catch up with one another, talk about the daily joys and struggles of being a foreign English teacher in Thailand, and of course, have some fun!

We just wanted to extend another thank you to everyone who attended, and left us with such great memories. We hope to see you again at the next meet-up!

Oh yeah! Dinner and what's this... Stylish XploreAsia swag?? Whoa, too cool!

But no trip to a local Thai school would be complete without some actual teaching practice, which is why our Thai My Way participants hit the classroom for some good old fashion international teaching experience.

Thanks for the amazing memories, ladies!

Even though the Project Thailand participants joined us at Tedsaban to enjoy the whirlwind of cultural experiences, they also had their own special assignment to work on…

Project Thailand participants also worked closely with non-profit organization Rescue Paws, and the Hutsadin Elephant Foundation, to research solutions to current animal welfare issues happening in Thailand.

Project Thailand participants going for a walk with their new friend

Balancing time between research and adventure, the Project Thailand participants left us some with amazing memories, and some valuable insights into the current animal welfare situation in Thailand.

July was truly an amazing month for us here at XploreAsia! We are ecstatic to have made so many new great memories, to have welcomed new people into the XploreAsia family, and to have been such a positive force in the community.

And so, to celebrate such a remarkable month, we are excited to present our new website! From all of us at XploreAsia, thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the unforgettable collection of memories from this month. We look forward to making many new memories with all of you.

Happy adventuring. Stay in touch.


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